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The pencil is a powerful and incredible tool. It takes all those ideas swirling around in our minds and makes them real. This tool is so vital that it deserves to be something more than the disposable and mass produced hunk of plastic that you typically find in stores. 

That's where Clutch comes in – it's a beautifully crafted and elegant lead holder designed to feel natural in your hands and truly last.

Clutch: Designed for Sketching

The Clutch Lead Holder contains 5.6mm lead. It's much thicker than a traditional pencil, but this bold weight excels at loose and freehand sketching. Each Clutch is encased in high-quality aluminum, assembled by hand, and individually checked and tested for quality.

Honest & Minimal Form

The elegance of the form along with the simplicity and integrity of the mechanics makes Clutch a tool that embraces everything that a drawing tool should be. Clutch embodies the spirit of minimalism in its simple construction and ease of use. It contains nothing unnecessary.

There are only two simple parts: an exterior body, crafted from solid aluminum; and a high-quality interior mechanism that grips the lead and acts as a lead sharpener.

Solid Aluminum Body

The body of the Clutch Lead Holder is made from solid 6061 Aluminum – the same material used in aircraft construction, bicycle frames, and automotive parts. After turning, shaping, and forming, the body is then anodized. Anodization is an electrolytic process in which the surface of the aluminum becomes incredibly hard and durable.

As a result, Clutch has a unique and comfortable texture, impossible to replicate within the traditional painted or plastic lead holder. The aluminum warms in equilibrium with the user's hand and feels like no other writing instrument.

Two Finish Options

The Clutch Lead Holder is available in Jet Black and Classic finishes. Both versions are solid aluminum and anodized, but the Jet Black version is colored a matte black during the anodization process.

Jet Black Finish
Jet Black Finish

Tapered Shaft

The Clutch Lead Holder has been designed to feel natural in one's hand. A slight bulge within the shaft of the pen shifts the center of gravity into the hand, giving the user excellent control while letting the pencil easily glide across pages.

Integrated Sharpener

Sharpening the lead couldn't be easier. By simply unscrewing the rear cap the pencil's lead can be sharpened via small recessed blades. The lead scraps can then be emptied out from the sharpener before returning the cap back to its place.

Built to Last

Built from solid aluminum, the Clutch Lead Holder has been designed to last an incredible length of time. Its construction allows it to be thrown into a backpack, toolbox, or drawer. We think you'll cherish it for years to come.